Reason Makes I Go and Watch A Movie

I write this post for BEC, this is my first time join EF challenge. Sorry for grammar mistake ^.^

I rarely go to the cinema, unless to watch movie genre that I like. What genre are they? Horror and thriller, like Insidious, Conjuring, the Raid, and so on. Even, my brother called me psychopath because I love movies like that lol. If according to my friend who studied in psychology study, she said maybe because I was too quiet people, so I switch my aggressive side by watching that. I don’t know, is it true or not, what theory so she can conclude that hehe

So, for others genre I'm not interested watched in cinema, just wait until the movie can be download or watch in youtube later. Sometimes, I go to the cinema to accompany my husband. He loves super hero movies for example Spiderman, Batman, Superman, The Avenger, X-man.

Moreover, at this time I’m living in Padang. In here, we doesn’t have Cinema 21. Padang is one of the two capital that not have cinema beside Aceh cmiiw. In here, to watch cinema we can go to the Pasar Raya, but the film is limited.

I feel lazy to watch in Pasar Raya because my friends said the condition is not good. But maybe I must watch to know the truth what exactly the situation of that cinema. So, I can write the real condition in my blog too. But lately I hear that Padang will built cinema 21. I hope it will become reality.

So, the reason I want to go to the cinema, because:
The films are really my preferences. In this year (2016), many horror movies will be shown. Like Conjuring, Halloween xixixi. If I watch horror movie in cinema I can feel  horor feeling with dark room, voice hysterical from audience. So watching horor movie in cinema better than watching alone in my room.
Beside that, there are others factor that I considered when watch cinema:
  • Movie schedule. Because I have husband and son, so we must arrange good time to watch movie. Now, I am currently undergoing long distance marriage so when I go home, time is too precious for watching cinema. I only have few times with my family, so I only stay at home when I went home.
  • The cinema near from my house. Margo City is my favorite cinema for me and my husband.
Actually, I have not yet watched AADC2, too. Padang Raya cinema aired that but that’s not my favorite movie, so I just want to know what final story from AADC from my friend, that’s enough for me. Beside that, I feel too lazy for queuing hehe. So, I just waiting from youtube later.

I love watch korea movies, thailand movie and hollywood movie. In weekend, if I didn’t work overtime, I could watch 1 until 2 horror movie by streaming youtube. In another night, I watch another genre like inspirational movie like Flying Color from Japan that can motivate my dream study abroad. I streaming hollywood movie too in all genre to improve my listening skills

The memorable experience when watch in cinema were:
  • The price drink more expensive than price ticket so I bought bubble drink outside and hide in my bag
  • After quieing, in front of locker tiket. The seat only remain two availabe in apart position. So we watch movie in different area and my husband nag me all day
  • My husband could not watch from the right side. Otherwise, his neck would be sore and his head could be dizzy for days after
  • The most awkward in cinema when this happen wkwk


  1. kok bisa sih mbak, nonton film macem gitu??
    meme-nya bikin ngakak banget hahahaha

    1. Iya kok bisa hahahaha...
      Seumur2 cuma pernah nonton film horor di bioskop 2x aja hbs gitu kapok xD (kapok rugi soalnya hampir sepanjang film tutup mata)

  2. So true, the price of food are expensive - more than the ticket itself. hiks...


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