My Passion for 2016

Yup, it's really true. My resolution in 2016 are goals of 2015 xixixi. But now, I want more discipline about my target and more realistic. Just want to share with you, I'm download my 2016 planner in here. That's very awesome planner and it's called passion planner. So cool, right? 

Before download, we must share in social media and tadaa I got free 168 pages passion planner. Print and bind cost only 43 thousand rupiah (except the love sticker hehe). This planner help me to design our target become more measurable. 

A fresh start, three question we must think and answer
  1. What is the biggest goal you would like to accomplish this year?
  2. Who or what motivates you most?
  3. Write some words of encouragement for yourself to read during hard times:


Before we decide the goals, break down our short and long term goals in 5 minutes. For example: lifetime; 3 years; one year; 3 months. Write all your dreams and do not feel the need to be realistic. Just write. 


Choose one goal every section that would have the MOST positive impact. For me:
  • Lifetime: Become hafidzah. My mother has passed away, in my religion I can give her crown if I'm close with my kitab.
  • 3 Years: Move to Jakarta and become master of risk management.
  • One Year: Get the scholarship in UK
  • 3 Months: Lose weight.


In this step, I have different path with this planner. I'm only focus in this year, because I can't break down my long term dream. Write down as many necessary steps we must compete to get our goal. Let me introduce my three resolution in 2016 (drum..drum..drum):

50 KG
In BMI, my body is overweight. My tall is 152 cm and my weight is 67 kg *close my face. I got 15 kg for one year in Padang because my dietary habit can not be controlled, too much softdrink, big portion in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Padang have delicious food and I love it. People surrounding me complain about my big body. In fact, people opinion is not big deal but my clothes doesn't fit with me anymore and I'm hard to find the cute clothes in my favorite online shopping hiks hiks. Beside that, my parent have diabetes so I have risk to get it too. These are my steps to lose 17 kg in one year:
  • Gym Membership. I have been registered in December 2015. In this year, I must discipline go to the gym 3-5 times for a week. 
  • Diet. Breakfast: oatmeal, Lunch: as usual, Night: Fruit and protein. Get enough water and prepare meals like red rice and learn cooking.
  • Fasting. Every Monday and Thursday.
  • Sleep. Max 11 pm
Juz 29 and 30
  •  Everday 5 ayat
IELTS 7,5; TOEFL 575
  • Make learning schedule
  • Use more English post in this blog
  • Use English in conversation with friends
There are my passion in 2016. Beside that, I have more passion but not prioritize like active in risk management blog and learning Photoshop.  Do you have the same passion like me? Let's achieve together ^.^


  1. Semangat, mbak! semoga bisa konsisten "panasnya" ehehe
    Mbak, ajarin risk management dong. Skripsi ini rencananya mo ada tentang manajemen risikonya, tapi aku belom dapet mata kuliahnya juga sih jadi suka galau. Tertarik banget sama manrisk ini dan emang bagus kalo diseriusin apalagi ampe punya CRMP!

    1. Mksh mba nadia. Wah aku baru mau mulai hehe, belum ngerti juga hihi

  2. Wiwiwiwikkk, asiik nih goal setting-nya di 2016
    Semangaaaat ya mbak :)


  3. For correction:
    1. Before download, we...
    It should be: before downloading
    Because there's no subject before verb, so the verd should be added -ing

    2.My mother has passed away
    It should be: my mother had passed away
    Karena itu kejadiannya sudah berlalu,jadinya masuknya ke past perfect

    3.There are my passion in 2016
    It should be: Those are my passions in 2016
    Karena kamu sudah menyebutkan passion2 kamu sebelumnya diatas kan,dan itu lebih dari satu passion

    Correct me if i'm wrong ya :)
    I'm still learning like you do. I'm very proud of you because you're strong woman and mother, really inspiring me 😊
    I wish your struggle would get a beautiful ending...aamiin ☺


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