Please, never ask me about these three things

People have different sensitive things. As an introvert person, I always filter our words before talk. When someone talked hurt things for me, I just shut my mouth. But, if they always say the sensitive things to me, I was complained to them. I said, I'm sorry but your said hurt me, please don't talked that again'. But, half of them never listened.Why?? Why??!! Huft..

These three things you never ask me:
  1. Are you more obese?
  2. Are you not miss your son?
  3. Why are you silent?


I never being skinny people, my family have big body too. But I love my chubby cheek and I'm grateful because Allah give me health. Do you know Padang? It's city that have very delicious food and I'm crazy about that. Rendang, Asam Padeh fish, Padang sate yum yum. One year after I live in here, I got weight about 10 kilogram hehe. Everyday, my friend in office talked 'are you more obese?' are you pregnant again? and they touch my belly, touch my big arm.

Because I'm boring people always ask me that, so I join gym and arrange my daily meal. But people never boring me and now ask me 'why your gym doesn't effect' *cry in the corner


Very annoying when people ask me that I miss my son or not? Like I want punch them xixixi. I ty hard to get work in Jakarta again, pleas support me not bullying me.


When traveling in big group, I usually become silence person. Why are you so quiet? Sometimes when they talked it, I feel they can't acceptable me. Why are you look so sad, please cheerful. Huft..

There are three things please never ask to me, friend

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