My Revised Resolutions

I'm writing this post at Soekarno Hatta airport. Today date is March 27, 2016 means I stepped the final on third months in this year and I didn't feel any progress for my target that I committed in the beginning of the year. I will revise my objectives and make my dream come true.

I read facebook note from Dewa Eka Prayoga, person that inspires me lately. In one of his thoughts about how we can achieve our target. For detail, you can look on his facebook with title "Cara Benar Membuat Resolusi Tahunan".

Sometimes that people make resolution emotionally. Only say: I can, I can and I can but not bring that emotion to the right path.

Definition resolution based on KBBI is "written statement usually contain the demand of a thing". The difference between my resolution with bang Dewa that I don't put many objectives for this year. Bang Dewa have seven area for his resolution, but me? only three hihi. But this is very important to my life. I have 3 resolutions before, but I was confused to divide my effort to achieve my dream. So, now I just want focus my dream this year to get master scholarship in The University of Nottingham in 3 ways:
  • TOEFL > 575
  • IELTS > 6.5
  • TPA > 600
These are steps to make my step closer to my dream. But actually not only them, because many things can effect my dream like I must prepare my plan dissertation, prepare good financial because I will far away for one year from my family.
Back to the Bang Dewa notes about make right resolutions that we must make our resolution in subconscious level and change the resolution become OUTCOME. That five requirements we need fill:

  1. Positive: Avoid negative word like "jangan" or "tidak" because subconscious level can't process negative word.
  2. VAK: It means visual, auditory, kinesthetic
  3. Control: Based on ourselves not external factor
  4. Positive Intention: Intention target is postive
  5. Ekologis (Ecological): Have positive effect for surrounding 
How about the details?

To transform the resolutions become true, we must answer this questions:

  1. What really you want? What resolution you want achieve?
  2. When you want the resolution will achieve?
  3. What resources do you have to achieve the resolutions?
  4. How do you know that you achieve it?
  5. When that resolutions reached, what do you see, hear and feel?
  6. Why that resolutions important to be accomplished?
  7. What positive if you attained it?
  8. What negative point if we can't obtain it?
  9. How that resolution can affect our life?
  10. What are you feel  when you really achieve it?
Maybe when we read that questions, we only miss it. But if you only ignore it, you can't feel significant change to your resolution. So you must read one more time that questions and try to answer seriously. See and feel the difference. These are my answers:

  1. I want get minimum score IELTS 6,5; TOEFL 575 and TPA 600
  2. This year before 2017. TOEFL 575 in April; TPA 600 in June and IELTS 6,5 in August
  3. I have wages for take these test. I'm hard worker person and try the best that I can. Saajtahidu Fauqa Mustawa Al Akhar
  4. I know my resolution achieve when I get the certificate with my target score
  5. I can see my certificate with my target score, I can hear praise form my family, I can feel happy and proud
  6. Because education can change my life, education is my hope so I can stay in Jakarta and I can make better change for the government risk. This resolutions are very important to my life.
  7. Many. I can contribute my knowledge to advancement the public sector risk and I have capability in civil servant
  8. Confused. What other ways to work in Jakarta. I want get together again with my family and become risk management expert.
  9. Absolutely. For my family, I can gather around again with my family and I can become risk management expert for public sector and can contribute for better Indonesia with my ways
  10. I can say exactly what I feel but as long as I know I will be very happy and proud. My hope become true and this is not the end, this is the beginning of my journey to get master scholarship in The University of Nottingham 
The easy way to achieve my dream that we must have big energy means my condition now is trouble, and I must move on from my condition. These question we must answer too:

  • Why I must struggled mightily to achieve my resolution?
  • What suffering that I face if my resolution can't achieve?
  • What problem will always come if my resolution can't achieve?
  • What bad effect if the resolution can't achieve?
More and more you can feel the bad happen when we can't achieve the target, make us do a better effort again. After we know the reason behind our resolutions, now we need strategy and make sure the strategies actually closer to your dream come true. In my case, my strategies are revised my study schedule, talk english daily with friend, write in English more often and read journals.


See ourselves one year (exactly nine months hihi) from now. Feel miracle that Allah given to us. We can visualize our resolution with mind mapping or colorful picture. And the last..


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