Ganbatte, Sayaka; Hamasah, Uwi

Yesterday, I heard my friend got score of 6.5 for his IELTS. It was nice to hear that, cool. How about me? This year, I failed to qualify for the SPIRIT scholarship. I think I will try next year because this scholarship easier than other scholarship requirements, it is devoted for civil servants. This requirement scholarship need score ITP 500. My toefl score was 510 but unfortunatelly I didn’t called the interview. 

Although I feel disappointed, but I know it is the best scenario for me. Pursuing dreams is as much about the journey than the destination and the universe tend to have its own unique timing which doesn't always align with plan and wishes. No day is wasted, spendmore time in studying, reading journals and doing other positive activities.
So, for seven months ahead (June-December) I excite to achieve this target:
  • TOEFL > 550
  • IELTS > 6,5
  • TPA > 575
Yesterday I watched youtube. On channel Oxford, student master of public policy from Indonesia who recently graduated college said there was hard work and she studied until 4 am. Wow, even though I am not a target in Oxford but maybe same condition happen in the United Kingdom campus. They are also  also equally take master just one year.

I also do not want to lose from Sayaka who can get her dream school, Keio University in Tokyo. Though initially Sayaka academic ability equivalent to 4th elementary school. However, due to her massive effort, Sayaka can go also to the her dream university by studying over a year. Sayaka based on real story in Japan. Sayaka can, I hope Insya Allah can too.
So, after stop learning I must study hard again after working:

Monday: TOEFL Listening
Tuesday: Listening IELTS
Wednesday: TOEFL Reading
Thursday: Reading IELTS
Friday: Speaking
Saturday: 1 IELTS Writing
Sunday: 2 IELTS Writing
Because of my weakness in structure, so I must intensified learning every day

My daily schedule:
04.00: Tahajud & Quran – Subuh
After Subuh: Learning Structure
½ 7: Take a shower
7: Go to work
5-Magrib: Laundry, take a shower, clean the room
7-10: Learning consisten with schedule
10-11: Learning Structure
11: Sleep


  1. keep spirit and never stop trying ya sis, you know you can do it!

  2. Salam kenaaal!! Hbs bc post ini jd penasaran ulik2 blognya dan baca2 kisah terkait ^^

  3. Trims untuk page khusus TOEFL/IELTS nya.
    Lengkap dan inspiratif.

  4. belajar toefl/IELTS nya dimana mbak


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