Antimainstream: Uwi Mudik to Jakarta

I'm writing this posting for Blog English Club Challenge: Holiday + A Picture. Actually, I will do activities in several picture like hangout with my family, laundring means cleans the house and finally I love to choose this picture for my holiday:

I want finish my new books

Friday (July 1, 2016) was my last dayworking in office before holiday. I was very happy and really miss my family. Alhamdulillah, this holiday I got longer holiday than before. I got joint holiday and added 5 days more after Ied Al-Fitr.

If others mudik means go to hometown in small city, but for me mudik is going to Depok. So my plane price in normal price because anti mainstream flight. Citilink, Lion, Sriwijaya and Garuda are adding 2 more flight to Jakarta-Padang. So, when I go with extra flight, the plane has not many passangers.

Sometimes when lebaran, my family went to Sukabumi, my mom's hometown. But this year, we will not mudik and just stay home in Depok and Bekasi (my parent in law's home). So, what will I do in my holiday? Many things!!

Family Time

I want spending my time with my son. I want to ask him go to Snowbay because he loves swimming very much.

Beside that, I bought book with title "Prescholer's Busy Book: 365 Fun, Creative, Screen-Free Activities to Stimulate Your Preschooler Every Day of the Year" and want apply it. But I must wait this book because this book send after 10-20 days. I bought in

Read Books

Holiday is perfect time to read. There will not interference from office. When mudik, I will bring my list book that I'm going to read. I have 5 lists book in my plan. I feel like Emma Watson who take a break for read books xixi

I can read while my son play. When Fatih see me read a book, he want join with me too and act like I do ^.^


When Fatih sleep, I can write in my blog. Last few days ago, I was a bit busy for office work. For few days, I worked overtime in my home because I must finished my job before long holiday.

My New Project Blogging

I have plan to build my niche blog about risk management in I got promo to bought that domain because with no special discount the price domain was 550 thousand rupiah but I only paid 88 thousand rupiah in rumah web. I want resume about risk management journal, my idea and my opinion about risk management especially for public sector. I don't want just go into an office and sit a computer for eight hours a day. I want more than that. I want become problem solver and making difference in a way that creates value for myself and others. I'll fight for it

Blogging Competition

I hope can write 1 or 2 blogging competition with an interesting theme for me.

So, eventhough I will stay home in home, this holiday will fascinating and I will never be bored ^.^


  1. Have a fun mudik ya Mbak!!!

  2. Woooo so many plans for your holiday (although the holiday itself already passed by now.. :p)
    Good luck on everything you planned!


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