How I Met My Husband

Everything happens for first time is memorable, whether it is good or bad things. The first time we went to school or work, first love, became a mother, broken heart, met our spouse and other things. I will talk about the first time I met my husband. This is a  love story of Ari and Uwi.

February 2011, I worked as quality assurance of internal auditor at sharia bank. Internal audit division has around 20 employees that many of them were married. Only few people were still single, including me.

My friends in that division were very funny people, they kept joking around about everything (until now, we still connect via whatsapp application). Jomblo people like me is easy target for them. Until someone came.

I heard news from my boss that new employee named Ari from Astra Graphia join our team for IT auditor. Internal Auditor (IA) division has one small room because our new room still repaired. That day on 12 September 2011, a man walked through opened our door and the first time I saw him, my heart had different sense, couldn't be expressed with any words. Lol. But I did not mind my feeling because I didn't believe love at first sight.

My friends in IA division tried to match me with Mas Ari. He's quiet person and not talk too much. After working, I invited him to eat mie ayam and he accepted it. But he's very cool person, I felt like he ignored me and unrequited love. I tried to forget him and discontinued the relationship.

It is true like Passenger lyrics:  
Only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
You only know you love her when you let her go
Or Rhoma Irama lyric. Lol:
when she's gone we feel that her presence  was truly felt
Until I moved to other company and one month later he called me again. He always picked me up when I went home late after recitation (pengajian kantor). His route from Tendean (his office) - Rawamangun (my office) - Depok (my home) - Bekasi (his home). I was very touched.
After one month he approached me, I encouraged myself to ask him:
"Are you serious with me? If you're serious, take me to your parents and marry me"

I was brave enough to do that because I feel sure after Istikharah prayed and when we became office mate, he is a decent  man and responsible person. Other than that he is not flirtatious with women.

After that, I met his parents and siblings for first time. Thereafter, we engaged at the end of March and three months later we married. 

Almost everyone who heard my love story feel little bit surprised why it was me (known very quiet for very quiet people) who brave enough to propose first to my husband. Are you not afraid be abandoned by him? It's very frightening way. And I only said with full of confidence: I'm not afraid if he leave me, because I'm high quality jomblo. Lol


  1. I always like hearing stories about how a couple first met :D
    And I really appreciate your asking your then husband-to-be to get serious with the relstionship! :D Good example that women should not always wait for the men's next steps! :D

    1. Yes, sometimes we must take action first. Emangnya kita hanger digantung-gantung

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. A simple yet beautiful love-story :) hhmm.. should i be encouraged to pop the question to a guy that i find him as husband-material? gotta gather all that courage in me now! hehehe :D

    1. Every people have different condition xixi
      Hope find the best way,mba Arbiyanti

  3. And now you're high quality wife, aren't you? :')

  4. Ahhh.. love at first sight... so sweet.


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