Torriden Dive In Line Review

Halo, very excited for my first Try Me Review Me Programme.  Thank you so much @stylekorean_global, @torriden_global and @torriden_official for selecting me as one of your lucky reviewer for get Torriden Dive-In Line.  The package box is pretty and the products are awesome.

This box provided:
• dive-in toner

• dive-in serum
• dive in soothing cream
• dive-in mask low molecule hyaluronic acid with D-panthenol

Torriden Dive-In Toner (300 ml)

💦 Packaging
Packaging of transparent plastic with a size large enough that is 300 ml.

💦 Texture
This toner has a super light texture like water, the liquid is light blue (it' from malachite extract) and odorless

💦 Ingredients
The formula has safe ingredients such as no mineral oil, sls, sles, fragrance.
The hero ingredients are:
- low molecular hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid form a 3D network to quickly provide moisture and care for tight skin
- allantoin: gentle remove dead skin cells and help moisturize and soothe skin

💦Usage Reviews
This toner is super great in texture as it is super light and absorbs easily. After using this toner, my face feels super moist. The size of the toner is also quite large so it is more durable.

I love the ingredient, the list quite simple so made low irritation for sensitive skin. The ingredient like low molecular HA help maintain inner moisture.

When used in several layers, it doesn't get thick, doesn't itch and without greasy feeling. The other great things about this toner are clinically tested for skin texture improvement 😍.

DIVE-IN Low-molecular Hyaluronic acid Serum (50ml)

This serum won several awards: No.1 Hwahae Best New Essence/Ampoule/Serum Products, Hwahae (2019 and 2020)

The texture is very light and absorbs easily. Suitable for dry skin because it has hero ingredients in the form of Low-molecular hyaluronic acid and 5D complex hyaluronic acid quickly offer full of moisturization to your dull and exhausted skin while providing soothing effect to skin by containing D-panthenol, Alantoin and Madecasoside.

💦 DIVE-IN Low-molecular Hyaluronic acid Soothing Cream (100ml)

The dive in line series does have a distinctive advantage, which is very light and easy to absorb, as well as the cream. The texture is a warery blue gel which is very comfortable to wear. This is Soothing cream that freshly moisturizes and calms skin with low-molecular hyaluronic acid, 5D hyaluronic acid complex, and trehalose. It is suitable for those who like a light moisturizer but still provides moisture to the skin.

💦 Torriden DIVE-IN Low-molecular Hyaluronic acid Mask

This sheet mask provides a soothing effect. Essence and the size fits perfectly on the face (although on my slightly jumbo face xixi). The sheet itself is quite thick and comfortable to wear.
This sheet mask has a soft and Eco-friendly sheet that 100% cellulose fabric promotes the absorption of essence and special moisturizing care with excellent adhesion and elasticity. I really like using it.

Conclusion, I really love using this dive in series. In general, all products have very light texture, soothing and moisture my skin 😍 but maybe for my skin problem like acne, it's not the target of the products line. The products are   still very rare for Indonesian sellers to sell this brand, so it is difficult to repurchase. But if you are interested, you can buy at this link.


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